Hopes & Dreams: Portraits of Palestinian Refugee Children


Hopes & Dreams is a series of portraits of Palestinian refugee children talking about their lives and aspirations as they prepare to leave school into an uncertain future. Despite being scattered across borders by decades of statelessness and exile, Palestinian students share a common history and identity.

Award winning documentary filmmaker, Gerry Fox, travelled to Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon with HOPING Foundation trustee Bella Freud to film some of these children at their schools and at home. In December 2010 Hopes and Dreams was screened as an installation in Sadie Coles HQ's newest gallery space, 4 New Burlington Place. The footage from each region was projected onto a different wall to give a sense of the physical separation and geographical distance between these young refugees. Yet, in spite of their isolation, these inspiring stories reveal how much they still have in common. With this film, we hope to connect people here in the UK to these remarkable children, and share with you their hopes and their dreams.