Massive Attack Meet Young Palestinian Refugees

On July 28th Massive Attack visited with some of the young people they are supporting with HOPING in Bourj el-Barajneh refugee camp in Lebanon, in order to pass on their love, commitment, and solidarity to all young Palestinian refugees across the region, in particular Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza.

Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshall visited Al Naqab Center, were taken on a tour of the camp, and met some of the young people participating in the Centre’s work.  Al Naqab is run by Palestinian volunteers and offers remedial classes, a meeting place for active youth, a film club with screenings, and other cultural and social activities, primarily for the recently arrived Palestinians from Syria. In collaboration with HOPING, some proceeds from Massive Attack’s Tuesday night concert in Lebanon will go towards supporting Al Naqab’s work, as well as the creation of a new public library being built by young volunteers in Beddawi camp that will serve the entire camp, and finally some urgently needed support to the ambulance service in Gaza and its workers.

Massive’s Robert Del Naja said: “We have been working with HOPING since 2005 doing gigs for the children of Palestine, so it really thrilling for us to be able to finally meet some of the brilliant young Palestinians we have been working with.”

In his statement Del Naja said: “we wish to especially mention three groups of Palestinian refugees today. First, those we just met, recently arrived from Syria who escaped death but are still living such harsh lives today. They have been made refugees many times - first in 1948, and again since the destruction of the Palestinian camps in Syria. Also it is important to bring attention to those Palestinians living in Lebanon since 1948: all the young people I met who weren’t born in Syria were born in Lebanon, and all of them are waiting to go home. And today we want to show our love solidarity and support for the Palestinian people in Gaza, indeed most of them are also refugees. All of them have a right to a life of dignity and beauty.

"As citizens of the UK. we are very aware of the role our country has played in shaping the history of the region. Like most people we believe in peace and justice over violence and oppression.”

“The crisis for Palestinians everywhere is most evident with the horrific violence and loss of life we have been witnessing in Gaza these past weeks. Massive Attack have always supported the Palestinian people in their struggle. We are therefore honoured to be working with these young people, and with the HOPING Foundation that serves them.”


David Hardy